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Internet access is available in all apartments

Fast Internet is distributed throughout the building by ethernet. Add your wireless router for wireless signal in an apartment.

Connection speeds from 8 - 10 mbs up and down, faster than DSL at
less cost than AT&T (no
landline needed) or Comcast.

Satellite Television has it all

DirecTV offers more channels than Comcast and Satellite's greater speed gives truer rendering of high definition TV. Get all the sports channels, movies, and special programming. (Not that we don't want you to study....)

Security measures

Our high-fidelity intercom lets you hear clearly the person ringing the door bell. High-security, pick-proof locks and special no-copy front door keys restrict access. Entrances and other areas are under video surveillance.

Please note: we cannot warranty security of the building or surrounding areas. Sensible alertness should be maintained at all times. We discourage residents from becoming absorbed by phones or other electronic devices while walking in the neighborhood and crossing the street.

the Mac Help Desk

Whether you need help configuring your wireless router or your MacBook Pro is slower than it should be, the Mac Help Desk can get you going.

Service is conveniently available in the apartments. For more information see: the Mac Help Desk