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Everything you need to move in and get situated in Berkeley, California

Utility Accounts

We provide water, steam heat, and once-weekly collection of normal household trash and garbage. (No furniture please!)

Residents establish individual utility accounts for gas for cooking and electricity.

High-speed Internet service is available directly from management.

Satellite Television is available through our contracted provider.

Who to Contact:

Pacific Gas & Electric Company
1 (800) 743-5000

Internet Connections
Building Management

Satellite Television
1 (888) 865-8439

Places to Buy Furniture in Berkeley

craigslist.org-furniture for sale
San Francisco

Visit craigslist for used furniture, lamps, kitchen supplies, and more, sometimes at very good prices. At the end of Spring quarter there are good deals to be had from graduating Cal students!

IKEA in Emeryville
4400 Shellmound
(510) 420-4532
A short drive South

Ikea offers a very large selection of assemble-it-yourself furniture and kitchen and other home furnishings. The fabulous designs are executed in flimsy materials, leading one to wish that the pieces cost less than they do.

Mancini's SleepWorld
1099 Ashby Avenue

At the very least you need a bed. Mancini's offers free delivery and setup.

Famous Foam Factory
2397 San Pablo Avenue
(510) 841-9001

FFF specializes in foam beds and wood frames. Some of their beds are quite nice.

Goodwill second-hand stores
2058 University Avenue
(510) 649-1287
Block between Milvia Street & Shattuck Avenue

Low-cost furniture, kitchen equipment, lamps, clothing, and more. Sometimes you see junk, sometimes a jewel.

Food Shopping in Berkeley

Derby Food Center
2707 College Avenue
(510) 841-0572
'til 10:00 pm weekdays, 11:00 pm weekends
1.5 blocks South on College Avenue

Basic packaged food, cleaning, some deli items. Close, convenient, limited selection, higher-than-supermarket prices.

A.G. Ferrari Foods
2905 College Avenue
(510) 849-2701
6 blocks South on College

Italian Deli with interesting selections.

Ashby Marketplace
2642 Ashby Avenue
(510) 848-2640
6 blocks South on College Ave

Nearby small 'gourmet' grocery that features fresh produce.

Fred's Market
2521 Telegraph Avenue
10:00 am - 12:00am, 11:30pm on Sunday
½ block South of Dwight Way

The basic selection is better than a convenience store; go in the back, which is fairly large. Some Middle Eastern specialties are offered at the counter: halvah and baklava. Close, convenient, somewhat higher prices.

6310 College Avenue
open 24 hours
1.2 miles South on College Avenue by bike, bus, or car

General grocery and housewares. A fair veggie & fruit section with fairly high prices. Lots of frozen, pre-cooked entrees, Kraft noodles 'n cheeze, etc. for tough academic quarters where you don't have time to cook.

Yasai Produce Market
6301 College Avenue
(510) 655-4880
1.2 miles South on College Avenue

Yasai Produce Market carries fresh fruits and vegetables in season. This small market has very nice produce and other specialty items such as curries & chutneys, eggs, Asian foods, and more. Worth checking out; cozy local cafés and interesting restaurants can turn your shopping trip into an outing.

Whole Foods
3000 Telegraph Avenue
8 am to 10 pm, seven days
Telegraph & Ashby

Whole Foods carries a large selection of good quality foods, deli, sundries. Emphasis on natural foods, organics, natural skin care & makeup, etc. New Agey overall. It isn't cheap, but if you are budgeted for quality you will like it. (Local nickname: "Whole Paycheck")

Food Stores Worth Traveling For

East Asian Mall / 99 Ranch Market
3288 Pierce Street
9 am until 9 pm
A short drive North of Berkeley

Large selection of Asian & and some American/general foods. Lots of produce; quality varies with season & delivery. Good poultry and meat. Extensive fish department features live fish, crabs, lobsters, and clams. Fresh and packaged noodles. Spices, oils, and sauces. Brown rice in bulk. All kinds of kitchenware. Teas, rice crackers and snacks, much more. Prices are generally reasonable. Shopping at the Ranch Market is like shopping in Chinatown, except that parking is easy and free. The Mall has a number of Asian restaurants, an optometrist, one shop devoted to teas and ginseng, Chinese medical herbs, and more. It is well worth driving or car-pooling to buy a week's worth of groceries without emptying the checking account.

Mi Tierra
2096 San Pablo Avenue
(510) 540-6972
West Berkeley 2 blocks South of University Ave

Good selection of fruit and vegetables; quality varies by season and delivery. Meats and poultry (including goat, beef tongue, and tripe), many varieties of Mexican spices, hand-made tortillas, beans, rices, juices, and a lot more. Mi Tierra also sells hot prepared food and has in-store seating. Located in West Berkeley: a worthwhile bus ride or car/car-pool trip.

Halal Food Market
1964 San Pablo Avenue
(510) 845-2000
West Berkeley 1 block North of University Avene

Just up the Street from Mi Tierra, Halal offers Arabic and Middle Eastern dried goods, spices, canned goods, yogurt, juices (the pomegranate is unbelievable) and organic meats. Baklava, dates, honey, chutney, and family-size containers of ultra-tart, oh-so-addictive mango pickle! A trip to browse the shelves is more than worthwhile. Good prices on curry spices and friendly personal service.

Monterey Market
1550 Hopkins Street
(510) 526-6042
9 am - 7 pm Mon - Fri, 6 pm weekends
in North Berkeley

"Our mission at Monterey Market: provide good fruits and vegetables in season." The extensive selection of regular and organically-grown produce obtained from local farmers is complete and interesting. There are a lot of organics, including dairy, but Monterey doesn't stop there: an abundant array of spices, teas, juices, wines, and dried and packaged goods conspires to blow your planned grocery budget sky high! Veggie and fruit prices range from reasonable to high, but there is a stratum for every budget. The Monterey Market is a cut above the herd; a must-see for anyone who rarely or never eats at McDonalds.

Medical and Health Resources

Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
2450 Ashby Avenue
(510) 204-4444
6 minutes South of Bishop Berkeley Apartments

Alta Bates is the closest hospital to the Bishop Berkeley Apartments and the Southside of campus area. It also has the best Emergency Room and generally high standards of care.

Tang Center at UC Berkeley
2222 Bancroft Way
(510) 642-2000
Across the Street from the U.C. Campus

For those who choose University Health Services (UHS) as their HealthNET provider. Comprehensive services.


U.C. School of Optometry
U.C. Campus

Reduced-cost eye exams and prescriptions. U.C. now offers Lasik and similar 'refractive' surgical procedures too. Get your prescription here and fill it downtown on Shattuck Avenue (stores listed immediately below) for lowest over-all cost-of-care.

Site for Sore Eyes
2174 Shattuck Avenue
(510) 841-6963

For Eyes
2112 Shattuck Avenue
(510) 540-0556

Superb Dentistry at reasonable cost

Art Dental Center
10586 San Pablo Avenue
El Cerrito
(510) 559-8598
A short drive or bus ride North

Dr. Huynh and his staff are expert and friendly, and their rates for dental services are more reasonable than many other dental offices. Dr. Huynh practices general and family dentistry, including some endodontal procedures such as root canals, and has advanced training and experience in restorative dentistry. Implants are a specialty.

Chiropractic, Body Therapies

Marc Schuler
(510) 835-8909

Marc is a body therapist who helps people recover function and heal from injuries. He has a unique and special ability to help mobilize the body's and mind's healing abilities and also helps people to process and gain freedom from deep emotional reactions to injuries.

Elliott Sclamberg, D.C.
299 3rd Street, suite # 1000
(510) 446-2225
Drive or ride the bus to Oakland

Dr. Sclamberg is a special practitioner: kind, gentle, and very experienced in musculo-skeletal conditions and disorders. If you have back or neck pain you won't want to miss seeing him while you are living in the East Bay.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chen's Acupuncture
259 8th Street, 2nd floor
(510) 836-6118
Oakland Chinatown

Dr. Wei Wei and her husband Dr. Chen are very highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) who genuinely care about you. We cannot speak too highly of Dr. Wei Wei & Dr. Chen and encourage you to visit them for conditions ranging from colds, coughs, and fevers to asthma, lack of energy, insomnia, and many other conditions. If you prefer natural health and healing to chemical 'medicine' then this clinic will be a mainstay in your arsenal of health resources.

Robert Zeiger L.Ac, OMD, Pharm. D
3031 Telegraph Ave Ste 106
South Berkeley

Robert Zeiger is a well known expert practitioner of TCM in Berkeley with over 20 years of experience.

Berkeley's soul is in its Cafés

There are a lot of them. Here is a short list of star establishments.

Café Strada
2300 College Avenue
(510) 843-5852
6 am - Midnight
4 blocks North on College Avenue (by U.C. Campus)

Strada is conveniently across the street from Kroeber Hall and Boalt Hall. Indoor seating is limited but illuminated outdoor seating is extensive and there are radiant heaters to take the chill off on cool nights. Decent coffee and pastries. Charmingly picturesque on nice mornings.

Sacks Coffee House
2701 College Avenue
(510) 644-2233
Open 8 am - 10 pm
2 blocks South on College Avenue

Many small tables and non-stop rock music define this crowded study den. Food is all right, a little pricey. The lox bagel has a more-than-minimal amount of lox, cream cheese, red onion, tomato and capers.

Espresso Roma
2960 College Avenue
(510) 644-3773
6:30 am - 10 pm, 7 am - 11 pm weekends
7 blocks South on College

The Roma, in the busy Elmwood shopping district, attracts a cross section of Berkeley residents while accommodating the studious-minded with wi-fi and a quiet atmosphere. There is pastry, some food, decent coffee, a lot of tables with a few outside.

Farther Afield (and worth it)

85 C Bakery
21 Shattuck Square
(510) 540-8585
9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Downtown at University and Shattuck Avenue

Very spacious modern interior with mezzanine tables upstairs. Coffee and desserts, wi-fi. Parking difficult, best for walking, bike, or bus.

Blue Bottle Cafe
2118 University Avenue
(510) 653-3394
7:00 am - 6:30 pm
University Avenue @ Shattuck Avenue

Ultra-modern corporate chain cafe; coffee and pastries. Glass window walls and decent size tables. Short hours of operation, but convenient to those with classes near Oxford & University Ave.

Berkeley Espresso
1900 Shattuck Avenue
(510) 848-9567
6 am - 11 pm
2 blocks North of University Avenue

A favorite among the campus crowd, the Espresso has lots of power outlets and decent Internet. Classical music wafts through the quiet-enough-to-concentrate atmosphere punctuated by stylish co-eds and foreign accents. The food menu includes pastry, sandwiches, a burrito, decent lox bagels, and desserts that border on sinful.

Au Coquelet
2000 University Avenue
(510) 845-0433
Mon-Thu 6 am - 1:30 am, Fri 'til 2 am
3 blocks West of the Campus

Coquelet has lots of tables, high ceilings, good coffee, and real food. The pastries and desserts are hard to pass by. It is popular enough and open late enough to supply a sense of evening adventure. There are power strips along one wall and by the front windows and wi-fi connectivity. The dining room is in the back. Tables just outside of the dining room and in the front café are covered by books, papers, and MacBook Pro's during mid-terms and finals.

Mo Joe Café
2517 Sacramento Street, Suite A
(510) 704-8500
6:30 am - 6:30 pm
Sacramento just South of Dwight Way, 1+ mile from Bishop Berkeley

The Mo Joe Café is a charming neighborhood spot with good coffee, smoothies, and a more-extensive-than-usual menu. Round wood tables with a few comfortable leather chairs and lots of power outlets and password-free Internet. A relaxing and easy atmosphere to study or read in.

When you don't want to cook

Restaurants in the food court and other addresses on Durant Ave between Telegraph and Bowditch Streets feed the academic hordes, but Berkeley has much more to offer.

Han's Bistro
2498 Telegraph Avenue
510 548-8885
Mon - Thur 8 - 5, Fri - Sun 8 - 6
Two blocks West on Dwight Way

This fourth incarnation of the original Johns' Soup Kitchen delivers solid breakfasts, sandwiches, and specials for reasonable prices. The high ceiling and big windows make a light and airy atmosphere. The location four blocks from Sather Gate is very convenient for students and faculty alike.

La Burrita
2530 Durant Ave
(510) 845-4859
Mon - Thu, Sun 11 am - 11 pm, Fri 'til 1
between Telegraph Avenue & Bowditch Street

Good Mexican food for reasonable prices. Limited seating. In good weather there are so many great places to eat outside that ‘to go’ orders are de rigeur.

Bongo Burger
2505 Dwight Way
(510) 548-4100
Mon - Fri  8 am - 10 pm
2 blocks West of Bishop Berkeley

Home of the cheapest actual breakfast on Southside of Campus. In addition to decently prepared specialty hamburger namesakes, middle Eastern falafel and kebobs vie with Chicken and Salmon plates to make Bongo Burger a welcome affordable dining option.

Farther Afield:

Thai Noodle
1936 Shattuck Avenue
(510) 848-6531
Mon - Sun 11 am - 1:30 am
between Hearst Avenue & Berkeley Way

Good Thai food a couple of blocks West of the Campus. We favor the duck fried rice but the extensive menu deserves exploration as much as daily specials posted on the wall. Friendly folks keep it open late enough to accommodate the more eccentric orbits.

Sol y Luna
1926 Shattuck Avenue
510 540-8880
11:00 am - 7:00, 8:30, or 9:00 pm
Shattuck Avenue North

Sol y Luna is a family-run Mexican restaurant that uses good ingredients to make tasty and nutritious lunch and dinner specialties. All dishes that we have tried have been good, as have the frescas (fruit juices) and flan dessert. On top of it all, the people there are unfailingly friendly and helpful. There's nothing not to like at Sol y Luna!

The Gourmet Ghetto

North Shattuck Avenue (four blocks North of University Avenue) is foodie country. A few examples should inspire you to go fill out the rest of the catalog in person:

Chez Pannise
1517 Shattuck Avenue
(510) 548-5525
Mon - Sat, 9 am - 9:30 pm
North Shattuck Avenue (Gourmet Ghetto)

Alice Water’s mission at world-renowned Chez Pannise is to get people to eat fresh vegetables ... at fabulous prices. The scrumptious fare lives up to the restaurant’s fame so if you are an actual foodie you have to make at least one hundred-plus-dollar-a-person pilgrimage (food + wine guesstimate) to the galactic center of California Cuisine. There is a cafe upstairs with a slimmer menu and slightly slimmer prices for slenderer budgets.

The Cheese Board Collective
1504 / 1512 Shattuck Avenue
(510) 549-3183
hours vary, see website
North Shattuck Avenue (Gourmet Ghetto)

Worker-Owned Since 1971. The worker-owners believe that the collective process organically creates a truly democratic society.

The cheese store and bakery sell fantastic sourdough cheese rolls, other pastries, and fresh-baked breads. At the cheese counter you can taste a sliver of almost 400 varieties of cheese to decide which ones you want to buy. A few doors down Shattuck Avenue is the Cheese Board pizzeria, selling the gourmet pizza of the day made from fresh ingredients for lunch and dinner 5 days a week.

Basic Household Supplies

From hardware to housewares to books to computers, here are some local resources for acquiring the things you need.