Bishop Berkeley Apartments

Making Security Deposit Payments On-line

Please read this page carefully, then click the 'Send' button at the bottom if you wish to proceed.

If management has issued prior written acceptance, paying a Security Deposit will secure right of occupancy in the Apartment Premises being applied for at 2709 Dwight Way in Berkeley, California, USA. A lease is offered only after full and satisfactory processing and approval of Application(s) for Residency, and Application(s) to become Co-signer(s), if any. Applicants who are unable to physically deliver cash or money orders may pay remotely with PayPal. In such cases Applicants must also provide the PayPal fee.

The Security Deposit will be retained for the purpose of security against damages. If Applicant gives written notice—e-mail is acceptable—within seventy-two (72) hours of the date electronic payment is completed that s/he does not intend to occupy the apartment, a full refund will be made of all deposit monies paid, but not PayPal fees or Application processing fees. Such payment will be issued by check through the U.S. Mail within 21 days of receiving said written notice. If the application is not accepted by management the Deposit will be fully refunded but PayPal fees and Application processing fees will not.

If an Applicant fails to complete rental of the apartment on the date named in correspondance with management the calculated daily rent will be subtracted from the deposit as liquidated damages up to a maximum of ten days past the designated move-in date. Additional charges for days the unit was held vacant prior to the move in date may also be subtracted from the deposit before it is refunded.

By clicking on the 'send' button below Applicant affirms her or his understanding that occupancy is conditional upon prompt vacating/removal of present occupants and their property from the premises. Owner/management shall not be liable for any damages sustained by Applicant due to a delay in occupancy as a result of present occupants’ failure to vacate the premises. The owner/management shall notify Applicant of the availability of the premises.

By clicking on the 'send' button below Applicant affirms her or his understanding that this Deposit is held as security for faithful performance of the terms of the Rental Agreement, and that the Security Deposit shall not be deducted from any rent payments or other charges due. Management’s right to possession of the premises for non-payment of rent or for any other reason shall not be abridged or denied by the fact that these monies have been paid and are held.

Management may retain all or any portion of this Security Deposit as partial or complete reimbursement for the following losses:

  1. Costs to clean and restore the apartment to a rentable condition, regardless of the duration of Applicant’s tenancy.
  2. Costs of necessary painting based upon a pro-rated schedule if tenancy lasts less than two years. There will be no charge for painting if tenancy lasts for more than two years.
  3. Charges for any damages to the apartment or common areas of the building or grounds other than normal “wear and tear” attributable to Applicant or Applicant’s guests.
  4. Costs of replacement of keys or any other property not returned or damaged by Applicant and/or Applicant’s guests.
  5. Any unpaid late charges, delinquent rent, utility bills, towing charges, or other charges that are outstanding at termination of tenancy.

The Security Deposit, less any amounts due to Management under the terms of this agreement, shall be refunded to Applicant within twenty-one (21) days after Applicant vacates the apartment, provided Applicant supplies Management with an accurate forwarding address.

To submit a Security Deposit please select the appropriate apartment description from the pull-down menu below, then click on 'Send' to go to the PayPal payment page.