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Applying to live here is as simple as we can make it. Please follow all steps below.

To qualify as an applicant

» Be a responsible adult — be willing to learn and live by the terms of the lease and the house rules.
» Have good credit, adquate income, good landlord and employer references. If you have never lived on your own....
» Have good credit (no bad credit), adequate income, or a credible co-signer.

To make an application

1. Tour this web site, then e-mail us using the Contact form (click on the 'contact' tab on this page).
2. We receive many enquiries about the apartments. If you schedule a viewing it is wise to bring the following items:
     1) completed application form, 2) picture ID, 3) proof of income, 4) $40.00 non-refundable application fee, in cash.
3. Download the application form as a PDF or Word document by clicking on one of the links in this sentence.

Co-signers must fill out a PDF or Word document application as well, and submit high-resolution (200 dpi)
color images of picture ID, proof of employment or evidence of income and $40.00 per application.

Payments may be made on-line: click on the 'Payments' tab above.


You are welcome to contact us with this form. Please fill out all relevent fields.

Incomplete forms and questions that are answered on the home page are second-tier inquiries!

First Name:  Last Name:  
explain below
Field of Study:
Job or Profession: if employed
Move-in date:
Graduation date: if studying

Submit Security Deposits and Application Fees on-line with PayPal

Applicants may reserve an apartment by submitting the security deposit in advance. Those not in the Berkeley Area may pay the Security Deposit with PayPal. The PayPal fee will be added to the Security Deposit amount. Terms and conditions under which Security Deposits are received are given on the Security Deposit Payment Page.

Go to the Security Deposit payment page

All applicants and their co-signers must complete an application as described under the 'How to Apply' tab on this page and pay an Application processing fee. Application fees may be paid with PayPal. Application processing fees are non-refundable and when made on-line include the PayPal fee.

Go to the Application processing fee payment Page